Gucci Guilty Absolute
Gucci Guilty Absolute
Created for a man who defines his own masculinity, Gucci introduces Gucci Guilty Absolute: a modern declaration of self expression and emancipated sexuality. Born out of a special collaboration between creative director Alessandro Michele and maître perfumeur Alberto Morillas, Gucci Guilty Absolute is a men's fragrance that embodies the liberated man it is made for—an innovative expression of a men’s woody scent. The master perfumer and Alessandro Michele share the same approach to their craft: an unceasing passion to create and to do so beyond the traditional rules. ...


As one of the world’s best loved and long-standing labels, Gucci has been at the forefront of fashion since the 1920’s. Starting off with leather goods especially made for the equestrian market, the brand has always been known for its innovation and creative application of more unusual materials, especially in a period of severe austerity following the Second World War. This originality and imagination has spread to the brand’s exquisite fragrance collection. Now with over 45 perfumes to their name, Gucci launched their first fragrance back in 1974. Every scent pays homage not only to Gucci’s legacy as a game-changing fashion house, they also accentuate the most divine feminine and masculine qualities, from Gucci Bamboo, to Gucci Guilty and Guilty For Men, through to Gucci Flora. Choose your perfect Gucci perfume and get a noteworthy discount at the same time when you shop with us now. READ MORE