Carolina Herrera Aftershave and Perfume
Carolina Herrera Aftershave and Perfume

Carolina Herrera

With its roots dating back to the daring, liberated 1980’s, Carolina Herrera has been big news with the fashion elite for decades. The Venezuelan-born American designer is known for her classic, clean and sophisticated clothing, and her perfume collection is just as timelessly chic. So it’s no wonder that since the designer’s first fragrance was launched in 1988, each new scent has attracted plenty of attention.

Today, the range includes collaborations by some of the best known perfumers in the world. These top-selling scents have continued to cause a stir on the high street with every new release, with firm favourites like 212 aftershave, 212 Sexy, and 212 VIP continuing to pull in big sales year after year. Just like everything from Carolina Herrera, they’re classy, timeless, and effortlessly stylish.

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