Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria
Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria
The Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein bottle speaks to the youthful, modern woman who embodies femininity in an empowered way. It reinterprets the sensuality of the classic euphoria bottle by playing up the curved contours and luxurious textures...
Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Klein

With serious fashion credentials stretching back to the 1960’s, Calvin Klein is one of America’s most iconic designers. Born in the Bronx in 1942, everything created under his legendary name has been daring, rule-bending, and coolly casual. The brand’s advertising campaigns are famous too, just adding to the buzz around this contemporary fashion house, and their fragrances are well-known throughout the world.

The first scent they released was back in 1981, but now the collection includes dozens of perfumes and aftershaves, each one remaining distinctive, bold and contemporary, just like all things Calvin Klein. Top sellers include Calvin Klein Euphoria Women, the decade-defining CK One aftershave and perfume, Calvin Klein Obsession, In2U, and Eternity, and all are definitively on-brand in their originality.

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