Armani Fragrances
Armani Fragrances


You’ll be able to spot an Armani creation from a mile away. With clean, tailored lines and simplistic perfection, everything about the label is sophisticated and sure. It stands to reason that this suave brand extends this sense of style to its fragrance collection. Since 1975, Italian-born Giorgio Armani has been making modern masterpieces for the catwalk, and in 1982 he launched his first scent.

Today, the Giorgio Armani fragrance range includes over 100 perfumes and aftershaves. Unsurprisingly, each one is classy, clean and contemporary, and in high demand on high streets across the world. Consistent big-hitters include Diamonds perfume, Si, Armani Code For Men, and Armani He and She, all with their own character, and all definitively Armani to their core.

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